Rapid Response Hotline

The Rapid Response Hotline is being organized and developed in order to respond to the heightened enforcement actions be Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  We hope to have our system operational in the Fall of 2018.

Our system will contain the following components:

  1. 24 Hour Hotline – The hotline will be served by trained volunteers who will document calls and notify HRC staff of issues needing attention.
  2. Raid Verification – We will do raid verification for all calls of alleged ICE Enforcement activity within Alachua County. Raid verification is an important component of our work in order to dispel myths and lessen fear.  We will physically go and verify or announce false alarms to rumors about ICE activity.
  3. Attorney Activation – If an individual is detained after an ICE raid or ICE Activity we will activate our attorneys to file for representation of the individual.   We will also work to secure long term representation if the person needs it.
  4. Information Central – We will provide phone numbers and organizations for people to contact should they need assistance.

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