Pandemic Response

# Stimulus Solidarity

Tragically, many immigrant families will not be receiving stimulus checks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County is accepting donations to help support our undocumented brothers and sisters who are experiencing the economic hardships resulting from the pandemic. These hard-working individuals and families are prohibited from receiving any support through the stimulus support offered by the federal government; however, they are just as much in need of assistance as anyone.

COVID-19 affects everyone, regardless of immigration status. The stress that everyone is facing because of this pandemic is even greater for immigrants, many of whom have been laid off or forced to work in crowded and unsafe conditions. Mass layoffs have hit the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industries hard - making it difficult for undocumented families to pay rent, utilities and medical bills.

The $2 trillion stimulus package promises $1,200 to adults with incomes of less than $75k last year, but excludes the millions of taxpaying undocumented workers and their families. We owe our neighbors the same chance that we have to survive through COVID-19, and that is why we need your help.

Please donate to help immigrant families who are bearing the brunt of the economic upheaval caused by COVID-19, yet will see none of the $2 trillion stimulus package.

Your pledge will benefit immigrant families right here in Gainesville, Florida. Hotels and restaurants in our area have been functioning at minimum capacity for weeks, and our most vulnerable neighbors are in desperate need.

If everyone with a social security number gave just 10% of their check, we could give every immigrant family their fair share of the stimulus package many times over. But since not everyone will give, we hope that you will consider giving more than 10% if you are able to.

We encourage you to donate 10%, 20% or 100% of your stimulus check to immigrant families who will not get one themselves. If you earn above the threshold for receiving a stimulus check, we urge you to contribute as much or more than others.

100% of your donation will go to local families.

If you have not yet received your check and are not able to donate now, commit your funds by taking the pledge!

Register to receive funds - Regístrese para recibir fondos

Distribution of funds collected by the Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County for Pandemic Response/Stimulus Solidarity shall follow the following terms:

Each registered household will receive up to $1,000 as resources allow.*

One person may register per household, and thus represent that household in the distribution of funds. Households may be registered by volunteers of the Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County (352-660-7020) or employees of the Rural Women’s Health Program's Project SALUD (352-575-8024).

Required information for registration includes: first and last name, contact number, proof of identification (to be presented when receiving payment), verbal certification that they are the only registered individual in their household, verbal certification that they are not eligible for the federal stimulus program, and preferred form of payment (check, money order, or cash.) Registration will not be considered complete until all information has been provided.

Registration will be held beginning May 11th, 2020 and run until a maximum of 100 households have been registered. Funds will be distributed on a rolling basis.

*Household defined as all individuals living at a shared residence, including married/partnered parents, children, grandparents, and unmarried/unpartnered adults.

La distribución de los fondos recaudados por la Coalición de Derechos Humanos del Condado de Alachua para la Respuesta a la Pandemia / Estímulo Solidario deberá seguir los siguientes términos:

Cada hogar registrado recibirá hasta $ 1,000 según lo permitan los recursos. *

Una persona puede registrarse por hogar y, por lo tanto, representar a ese hogar en la distribución de fondos. Los hogares pueden ser registrados por voluntarios de la Coalición de Derechos Humanos del Condado de Alachua (352-660-7020) y empleados del Programa de Salud para Mujeres Rurales (352-575-8024).

La información requerida para el registro incluye: nombre y apellido, número de contacto, prueba de identificación (que se presentará al recibir el pago), certificación verbal de que son la única persona registrada en su hogar, certificación verbal de que no son elegibles para el estímulo federal programa y forma de pago preferida (cheque, giro postal o efectivo). El registro no se considerará completo hasta que se haya proporcionado toda la información.

La inscripción se realizará a partir del 11 de mayo de 2020 y hasta se haya registrado un máximo de 100 hogares. Los fondos se distribuirán de forma continua.

* Hogar definido como todas las personas que viven en una residencia compartida, incluidos padres casados ​​/ en pareja, hijos, abuelos y adultos solteros / sin pareja.