Educational Needs during the Pandemic

Technology Needs

Dear Friends and Community Members,

In this time of crisis, you, the generous members of our incredible Alachua County community, have rallied together to meet the needs of our neighbors. You are organizing food drives, running errands for the at-risk elderly, sewing masks for medical service providers, checking in on neighbors and taking care of each other.

But would any of this be possible without our electronic devices?

What if you did not have a computer or a smartphone? How would your children do their school work? How would you work, keep in touch with family and friends, or access the resources and information you need? Can you imagine NOT having a device during this pandemic?

Yet this is the reality for many Alachua County children. For these children and families, isolation doesn’t just mean physical distancing. With schools, parks and libraries closed, it can mean a complete loss of contact with the outside world.

Thanks to the hard work of our teachers and administrators, Alachua County Schools have reopened in a virtual format. However, students who do not have access to a reliable electronic device from which to retrieve their lessons and submit their work are already being left behind. And the longer this emergency continues, the greater the inequity will become. 

We are reaching out to you to help these children reclaim some semblance of normalcy by continuing their education from home.

If you have any computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones in your home or office that you are not using or don’t really need–even if they are outdated but still have internet functionality–we are asking you to consider donating them to the children in our community.

Local internet service providers are offering many people free or low-cost internet service for a couple of months in response to the challenges of the pandemic. But the cost of a reliable electronic device is one that most low-income families are unable to afford even under normal conditions. The loss of wages and other economic hardships they are experiencing due to the shutdown only puts such purchases further out of reach.

Please help!  Your financial contributions will help us to purchase and/or repair computers so that no child is left behind in this virtual school setting.  Your donations are tax deductible.  100% of your donations go directly to families in need.

Your Donations Matter

Please use the link below to make a donation to this initiative.  This link designates your donation for use for this purpose only.