The HRC Community ID

About the ID


An ID is just a piece of plastic until a human being gives it a name, a face, and a story, and a community gives it value and integrity.

What is the purpose of the HRC Community ID card program?
To build greater understanding, trust and cooperation between local public services and our diverse community. Our goal is to create safer, more inclusive and united communities for all.

What does an HRC ID do?
The HRC ID provides card holders with a reliable form of identification that can be used as a tool by law enforcement, city departments, health centers, schools, businesses, and cultural arts organizations to better identify, serve, and protect us.

Why is a community ID program needed?
Many community residents, including many citizens, do not have the necessary requirements to receive a state issued ID card or driver’s license. They are often required to prove their identity for numerous reasons each day, and without a reliable ID may not be able to identify themselves with law enforcement, receive urgent services with schools, health centers, city departments, and social service agencies, or participate in the cultural and business life of their community.

Who has an HRC Community ID card?
The HRC ID card is available to any resident who may have limited access to government issued ID card, as well as those who support safer, more inclusive and united communities. Participants who have especially benefited from the program include new immigrants and refugees, homeless and elderly individuals, people recently returning from jail, as well as faith and city leaders, teachers, health and social service workers, and many others. Over 15,000 residents have an HRC (or FaithAction network partner) ID card throughout North and South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

What are the limitations of the HRC ID?
An HRC ID is not a state issued form of identification (and clearly notes this fact on the back of the card), or a driver's license. It cannot be used to vote, and does not entitle card holders to any social welfare benefits. It does not stop persecution if someone is engaged in an illegal activity, and does not have any impact on an individual’s immigration status.

What are the requirements to receive an ID card?
All participants must attend an ID drive, in which they are required to go through an orientation on the benefits and limitations of the card, and sign a simple contract to this effect. They then go through a thorough vetting process in which they must provide proof of identity (embassy ID, national ID card, passport, or driver’s license), proof of age (passport, birth certificate, certificate of baptism), and proof of address (utility bill, medical record, bank statement, or lease agreement). The required list of approved documents has been agreed upon by local partners, and all those at the document check station must be trained and reliable. Per Florida law, we maintain a copy of each recipient's proof of age document, as well as an affidavit in which they attest to their age for three years.  These documents, and the signed contract, are kept in a secure location at Westminster Presbyterian Church.


In order to receive an HRC Community ID, you need to provide valid proof of identity, address, and age.

For proof of identity, the best document to bring is a passport (valid or expired), a driver’s license (valid or expired), or a foreign national ID card.

For proof of address, the best document to bring is a utility bill, lease, bank statement, medical bill, or driver’s license.

For proof of age, the best document to bring is a passport (valid or expired) or birth certificate.

And don't forget - $10 (cash or PayPal)

Schedule Your Appointment

Please use our scheduling page to make your appointment! Appointments are required for emergency/rapid distribution IDs and for drives held during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are having difficulty accessing the scheduling page, please call us at 352-575-8024.

Watch the Orientation

If you are attending a socially distant drive or applying for an emergency or rapid distribution ID, you may be asked to view an online orientation.  Please visit our YouTube channel to find the orientation in your preferred language.