Zero Tolerance Leads to Children Being Taken from Parents

With the announcement of the “Zero Tolerance” policy came the practice of separating children from their parents. These children have been housed in privately run facilities and have repeatedly refused access to human rights workers, politicians, and the media. The only visible footage available is something produced and distributed by DHS. What they distributed should give cause for all people, regardless of their political beliefs, to stand up and demand a stop to this practice. Mental health practitioners have repeatedly highlighted the long-lasting, negative emotional and cognitive ramifications of this practice. Despite the pleas of those who are truly horrified, the President continues to suggest that this practice is required by law — which has been proven false on multiple occasions. Separating children from their parents is not something we should tolerate. We encourage you to contact your elected officials and voice your outrage. We also encourage you to join us for our protest on June 30 at 5pm to hear more about the challenges of our immigration system and the need for comprehensive reform.

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